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When someone has died

Need to know what to do when someone close to you dies? We can help you with what happens next.

What you need to know and do when a loved one passes

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Need assistance notifying related organisations of someone passing?

myTrove is a free online service that assists you in notifying multiple organisations such as the Department of Internal Affairs, Inland Revenue, Banks, and Insurers in one easy form.  Saving you time by reducing paperwork and removing the need to notify multiple organisations who require the same information. 

Visit and complete the 4 simple steps for free, to notify all required organisations. You can either manage the myTrove process yourself or nominate another person, or organisation as a primary contact.

Alternatively, if you would like support in dealing with the estate administration, please feel free to contact Public Trust and we will get in touch with you to advise next steps.

Public Trust and myTrove aim to help make this experience as supportive and helpful as possible.

Commonly Asked Questions