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Corporate Trustee Services

If you’re launching or managing a venture, our insights and experience will help to ensure a solid foundation, enhance your project’s credibility, and gain the confidence of investors. 

Reliable, independent expertise to help your business thrive

What we do for you

We work with business customers and groups of investors on a wide range of public and private investment schemes. 

Our specialist services include: 

  • Managed investment schemes (registered and wholesale schemes)

  • Debt issues

  • Structured finance arrangements

  • Custodial services 

  • Paying agent

  • Escrow agent

  • Facility agent

  • Statutory supervisor for Retirement Villages 

We also have strategic relationships with other parties to enable us to tailor solutions that enhance the level of service we can provide to you. 

Whatever the nature of your venture, we'll ensure you have a sound foundation to work from - and provide timely advice to assist you on the journey to achieving your business objectives.

What to expect when you work with us

Our Corporate Trustee Services Team

Our leadership team

David Callanan, Corporate Trustee Services

David Callanan

General Manager, Corporate Trustee Services
Elena Vinton Corporate Trustee Services

Elena Vinton

Head of Client Services, Auckland
Rob Kingston Corporate Trustee Services

Rob Kingston

Head of Operations, Corporate Trustee Services
Jerry Koh, Corporate Trustee Services

Jerry Koh

Head of Assurance
Ramona Van Melle Corporate Trustee Services

Ramona van Melle

Senior Client Services Manager
Photo of Amy Cavanaugh, Head of CTS Transformation

Amy Cavanaugh

Head of CTS Transformation
Nigel Gaudin, CTS Head of Custody

Nigel Gaudin

Head of Custody

Why Corporate Trustee Services?

Corporate Trustee Services' strengths are our reputation, our established roots and depth of experience. We’re the first choice for many New Zealand corporate organisations.


We’re a division of Public Trust, New Zealand’s sole crown-owned trustee organisation and known for stability, integrity and reliability.


We’ve been providing services to a wide range of public and private schemes since 1967, and are retained by many of New Zealand's most respected financial services and investment companies.


We work in partnership with you to help you balance commercial reality with the need to meet your legal obligations. You'll find the way we work is different from other corporate trustees.


Our team has broad financial and commercial expertise, and can offer quality advice based on practical experience. We’ve been involved with a diverse range of corporate trustee appointments.


Corporate Trustee Services operates independently of other Public Trust divisions, but can access its resources and skills as needed. Corporate Trustee Services does not have any commercial investment vehicle of our own, nor are we subject to governance from any commercial or offshore institution.

Industry Accredited and Secure

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