Financial Statements

Financial Statement of Accounts – what it all means

If you're having some trouble reading your statement or just need some clarification, please read below for a quick explanation of common terms used in your Statement of Accounts.

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What is a Financial Statement of Account?

A record of what has occurred during a period of time (usually annually). The accounts will group transactions such as income and expenditure, and report what the assets and liabilities are for the reporting period. 

How frequently will I receive my Financial Statement of Account?

We will send your Financial Statement annually.

What will I see on my Financial Statement of Account?

Here’s a summary explanation of what you’ll see:

Statement of Financial Performance  

  • The Statement of financial performance shows what you’ve earned during the year (for example interest and dividends) and what you’ve spent (for example on paying bills) and shows the surplus or deficit/profit and loss as a result of these transactions over the period.

Statement of Financial Position

  • The Statement of Financial Position shows a consolidated view of the assets held and liabilities owed.

Notes to the accounts

  • The Notes show individual assets, for example a property, car or jewellery which held at the end of the reporting period.

Your customer number

  • You may notice a change to your customer number if you are an existing customer.  
  • You’ll find your customer number in the box at the top of the Statement of Accounts.  
  • If you write to us or contact one of our Advisers, please quote this number. It will help us find your records quickly so we can focus on what’s important to you.

On Call Accounts and Prepaid Funerals Trusts invested in the Common Fund  

Transaction statements and Resident Withholding Tax statements are issued annually.

Prepaid Funeral Trusts and Education Trusts invested in the Public Trust Investment Service 

Transaction statements and Pie Tax statements are issued annually.

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To request a copy of your statement please email us with your customer number.

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