How long will being an executor take?

Estimate how long it will take to undertake your role as Executor of a Will.

In general, the more Executors the longer it takes to execute a will as all Executors need to sign off on all the paperwork.

In general, the greater the number of beneficiaries the longer it takes as there are more people to be kept informed of the process.

If the will is challenged, executing the will takes significantly longer.

If any assets are held overseas it is likely that you will need to apply for Probate in that country or a re-seal of Probate granted by the NZ court to access those assets, depending on whether the country has a reciprocal agreement with NZ or not.

If there are any assets worth more than $15K in any one category, you will need to apply to the High Court for Probate to access these assets.

Note that this refers to the number of institutions the deceased had relationships with, not the number of accounts with each institution

If a property is to be sold it will need to be prepared for sale, an agent found, and conveyancing undertaken. After the sale, personal items eg furniture etc will need to be removed.


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