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Article Sept 2023 3 minutes

Investment industry encouraged to embrace AI innovation

The latest in our Corporate Trustee Services (CTS) thought-leadership event.

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Public Trust crowd photo of AI event
Public Trust crowd photo of AI event

“Terrifying”, “entertaining” and “exciting” were just some of the descriptions of AI shared at our recent Corporate Trustee Services (CTS) event, co-designed and hosted with Deloitte.

The event explored the “two sides of the coin” when it comes to using AI in the investment industry; the possibilities, and the associated risks and responsibilities. The discussion delved into what can be done, and what should be done through the use of innovative AI tools.

Public Trust panel photo of AI event

Mariette Van Niekerk, Deloitte’s Trustworthy AI Lead, said AI presented risks, including raising issues around privacy, accuracy, bias, IP violation and unethical use.

“Training is very important for companies, especially around privacy,” said Mariette.

Critical thinking skills were essential for young people using AI: “They should challenge what they see.”

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