Why choose us?

Why choose Corporate Trustee Services? It comes down to our ...

  • reputation
  • experience
  • pragmatism
  • people
  • impartiality.


Corporate Trustee Services is part of Public Trust, and as New Zealand's sole Crown-owned trustee company, our name represents stability, integrity, honesty and reliability. If you're launching a venture, our reputation, experience and approach will enhance your venture's credibility and help gain the confidence of investors.

Public Trust holds a long term AA credit rating issued by Fitch Ratings.


We currently have more than NZ$90 billion under trusteeship and supervision. We have been providing corporate trustee services to a wide range of public and private schemes since 1967, and we are retained by many of New Zealand's most respected financial services and investment companies.


We'll work in partnership with you and will help you balance commercial reality with the need to meet your legal obligations. You'll find the way we work is different from other trustees.


Our team has been involved with a diverse range of corporate trustee appointments. They have broad financial services and commercial experience, and can therefore offer quality advice based on practical experience. Our growth is testament to our processes and our team.


Corporate Trustee Services operates independently of Public Trust - but can access its resources and skills. We do not have a commercial investment vehicle of our own, and Public Trust investment services are entirely separate to our business. We are not subject to governance from any commercial or offshore institution.

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If you're thinking about using a corporate trustee, get in touch with us early on. We can help you identify potential issues and assess your options, without ongoing obligation.