Who are we?

Who are we?

Corporate Trustee Services is a leading specialist corporate trustee company in New Zealand, with more than NZ$50 billion under supervision. We are part of Public Trust, and are New Zealand's sole Crown-owned trustee company.

Our business operates independently of other Public Trust operations, but shares its stability, integrity and resources.

Our focus

We focus on the corporate trustee market, and work with business customers and groups of investors on a wide range of public and private investment schemes. This includes managed funds, KiwiSaver schemes, corporate debt and custodial services.

Our credentials

Corporate Trustee Services' strengths are our reputation, our established roots and depth of experience. The integrity inherent in our ownership has made us the first choice for many New Zealand corporate organisations looking for corporate trustee services, and has seen the evolution of a thorough set of standards and values.

The Public Trust name represents integrity, honesty and reliability. If you're launching a venture, our reputation, experience and approach will enhance your project's credibility and help gain the confidence of investors and their advisers.

Corporate Trustee Services is an active industry participant and belongs to the Investment Savings and Insurance Association (ISI), Associated Superannuation Funds of New Zealand (ASFONZ), Institute of Finance Professionals of New Zealand (INFINZ) and the Trustee Corporations Association.

Our background

Corporate Trustee Services was formed in 1967 as a separate business division within Public Trust.  In 2000 we acquired New Zealand Permanent Trustees, which retains its own identity under Public Trust. 

Trustee Licensing

Under the Securities Trustees and Statutory Act 2011 (STSS Act) a trustee or statutory supervisor of a debt security, participatory security, unit trust, KiwiSaver scheme or retirement village must hold a license (as determined by the Financial Markets Authority (FMA). 

Both Public Trust and New Zealand Permanent Trustees Limited were granted licenses by the FMA on 17 September 2012, with the former being varied as at 10 April 2015. 

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