10 reasons to join

1. We'll provide an environment where you're given a high level of autonomy

We trust that you are the expert in your field and allow you to get on with the job. We're not suggesting we'll throw you in the deep end, but we'd like to give you the room to make a splash!

2. We'll enable you to produce high quality work

We'll support you to achieve high standards and in turn we believe you'll get a buzz out of producing excellent work.

3. We'll give you the chance to succeed and influence your career

We believe that you'll be able to succeed and flourish and we'll give you the opportunity and room to grow. We'll listen to your aspirations and build these into your personal development plan. Our leaders of tomorrow are joining our business today.

4. We'll help you to understand the value of your role in the organisation

We're all valued. Each member of our team has a very important role and we believe that you can only excel in what you do if you fully understand your worth.

5. We make a difference

Our customers tell us we make a difference at times of great need. It's our privilege to be able to do so and by joining us, we hope to give you the opportunity to make a difference too.

6. We constantly look for new ideas and ways to help

Our employees look for opportunities to assist their customers and colleagues. We value proactivity and the ability to think strategically. If you are innovative and enjoy finding solutions, you'll fit in here!

7. We are one team supporting each other

At Public Trust we are a united team with a shared vision. Our people take pride in supporting each other to achieve our goals.

8. We act commercially, with a heart

We value our customer's business and we value the worth of our own expertise. We recognise the importance of being commercial, and we balance this with our role in New Zealand's history and our communities.

9. We will always be there, doing what we say we will

Public Trust is an iconic New Zealand organisation with a reputation of dependability. Our customers can depend on us to deliver consistent service and give reliable advice.

10. We think you'll like it here!

Public Trust offers a professional, supportive, fun environment with a core of strong community values and a dedicated work ethic. Find out from our employees why they enjoy working at Public Trust.