Charitable trusts

What is a charitable trust?

A charitable trust is set up to hold and protect some or all of your assets specifically for charitable purposes and allows you to support causes and charities on an ongoing basis.

You can establish a charitable trust to help relieve poverty, advance education or religion or any other purpose that will benefit the community.

How does a charitable trust work?

Charitable trusts work best when there is enough money to allow for ongoing charitable gifting and capital growth. Generally this means an initial contribution of at least $200,000 is needed. For gifting of less than this, there are other ways to support the things you care about, like making a bequest, giving to charity or contributing to an existing trust

You can set up a charitable trust during your lifetime under a trust deed or choose to set it up after you’re gone as part of your will. You decide the purpose of the trust, what you’d like it to benefit (and how), and you can donate as much as you want.

Registered charitable trusts are generally tax free and others can also make donations.

Why set up your charitable trust with us?

Setting up a charitable trust requires sound advice and legal expertise. As New Zealand's most experienced trustee organisation, we provide independent specialist trustee services for the life of your charitable trust.

We grant more than $11 million each year through the 450 charitable trusts we administer, ranging in diversity from science, to the arts, community and agriculture.

When you choose Public Trust to administer your charitable trust we take care of registration and reporting and make sure the assets in your trust are invested to provide lasting benefits and your intentions are carried out long after you're gone.

How much does a charitable trust cost?

There are a number of complexities to consider when setting up a charitable trust depending on what you want to achieve as every trust is different.

We can discuss what you what you'd like to achieve, suggest the best way to structure your charitable trust and provide an estimate.

To make things easy for you, we offer a tailored service. The costs include an establishment fee and our specialist’s time. Each year there are some ongoing costs for the management of your charitable trust.

To find our more please see our fees and charges.

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