When it comes to managing our affairs, we like to feel things are under control

As we get older, it can feel like there are more and more demands on us. Health can be a worry, and we don’t have all the support we once did. Some of us have children who want to help, but they don’t always do things the way we would like – sometimes they even squabble among themselves about what’s best for us. Many of us prefer to keep our independence rather than having to rely on our children.

In a period of our life when we should be enjoying time with our loved ones, we seem to be getting more responsibilities! For example:

Managing Financial Matters

  • Day-to-day banking, paying bills and ad hoc expenses.
  • Preparing income tax returns, managing gifting programmes and selling assets, for example, a house or car.
  • Collecting pensions (in NZ and overseas), superannuation, interest,  dividends, benefits and other income.
  • Claiming all benefit entitlements, managing insurance claims.
  • Ensuring finances are structured to meet our needs and living costs, managing mortgages and loans.

Maintaining the Property

  • Maintaining regular and ad hoc maintenance and repairs as required
  • Clearing out possessions, organising cleaning and home staging, liaising with real estate agents and other third parties.

Moving to a Retirement Village or Rest Home

  • Completing rest home agreements, applying for a Residential Care Subsidy or Residential Care Loan, facilitating the purchase of a unit in a Retirement Village or coordinating the move into a rest home.


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Start the conversation

It can be hard telling your loved ones what you want when it comes to managing your property and financial matters. We've prepared some tips and tools for tackling the toughest of conversations that will:

✔ get you ready to make a plan

✔ give you tips for starting the conversation

✔ provide tools to manage your feelings and your loved one’s feelings


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