Personal Assist case studies

See and hear it for yourself - how Personal Assist gave Gaye, David and Maree the peace of mind they were looking for.

See how Personal Assist helped these families...

  • Lee and Xiu

    Lee and Xiu were happily enjoying their retirement until, one day, Lee suddenly collapsed and was rushed to hospital. Xiu thought she’d just broken a few bones and would quickly recover, but in fact his wife was very sick and needed to live in a rest home. Xiu didn’t know how he was going to manage.

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  • Marama and Bruce

    Two years into retirement, it was time to see all those places they had dreamed about visiting while they were working. But who would look after their finances and property while they were away?

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  • John and Bev

    Bev thought everything was taken care of by her husband John, until one day, the electricity was disconnected because the bill hadn’t been paid. Bev didn’t even know which account the bills were paid from.

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  • Karen

    Last year, Karen’s beloved father suddenly passed away, leaving her mum Elizabeth grief-stricken. Karen’s dad had always looked after the finances, and Elizabeth didn’t know where to start in managing things. She’s now 77 and gets a bit confused sometimes.

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  • Wiremu

    Wiremu’s parents, Tui and Aaron, live in Gisborne. When Tui and Aaron need help, they call Wiremu, their eldest, who lives in Hamilton. He organises things remotely for his parents. Lately, their calls have become more and more frequent.

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