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A will states how you’d like your assets to be divided and your loved ones cared for when you’re gone.

Dying without a will means no clear instructions for those left behind, which can lead to second-guessing or squabbling between family and friends. It can mean time, money and stress to resolve. Even then, the law ultimately decides.

Having an up-to-date will is about leaving well, and taking responsibility for the people and things in your life.

Our online platform makes it easy to get your will, enduring powers of attorney and statement of wishes sorted – in your own time and in no time at all.

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Can a will be digitally signed and witnessed?

For your will to be legally valid, it must be printed and physically signed in front of two witnesses. You don't need a lawyer or JP to witness your will, but your two witnesses must be people who don't benefit from the will. Self-isolation may mean people don’t have access to appropriate witnesses. Public Trust can help in this situation – contact us to arrange something suitable.

Do I have to certify my EPA?

Your enduring power of attorney must be certified to be valid. An officer of a trustee organisation (such as Public Trust) or a lawyer/legal executive must “certify” you are mentally capable and understand what you are authorising. You must sign in front of this witness. This service is included in your Public Trust EPA. Self-isolation means it’s safest to wait until our centres reopen before we certify your EPA, however, if it's urgent, we can still help – please get in touch if this is the case.

Online pricing

Online wills start from just $69, and enduring powers of attorney cost $129 each (or $229 for you and your partner when you get a mirror EPA). Consider adding a statement of wishes for just $39. All prices include GST.

Basic will

Let’s get this done. Straightforward needs. Simple will.

Standard will

Caters for most common needs. Standard will.

Comprehensive will

Caters for more uncommon needs and structures.

Include children and future children
Include or exclude overseas assets
Make conditional on engagement
Encompass separation and divorce
Suitable for a "blended family"
Include your family trust
Suitable for business owners
Appoint own Executors / Trustees
Divide your estate and nominate back-ups
Specify guardians of your children
Gift specific items and pets
Instruct on distribution or personal possessions
Gift your life insurance policy
Instruct on management of your business assets
Create mirror will for spouse/partner (additional cost applies)
Customise your estate shares
Leave rights to occupy or use assets
  $69 $119 $169

All prices include GST.

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