Doris Swadling Trust Scholarships (Agriculture and Music)

Public Trust is Trustee of the Estate of Doris Elizabeth Geraldine Swadling. The Trust was established following Miss Swadling's death on the 22nd of June 1960.  Under her Will, the residue of the estate is to be held in perpetuity to provide scholarships as follows:

Music Scholarships

The advancement of musical education in the Taranaki Province whether by the granting of scholarships, bursaries, or other assistance to persons who are under the age of 21 years to enable or assist them to obtain musical training or education or by fostering in any other ways knowledge and appreciation for good music.

Please note the Trust no longer provides scholarships towards music tuition.

Agriculture Scholarships

The granting of scholarships, bursaries or other assistance to persons who wish to become farmers and who are under the age of 21 years in order to obtain further education or training in the kind of knowledge or skills which should be useful for them in farming pursuits.

How to apply

Applications are open to students under the age of 21 years, who are New Zealand born or hold a New Zealand Citizenship who are intending to advance their education in 2020 with an appropriate tertiary provider and with a desire to take up a career in the music or agricultural/farming industry.

The agricultural and music scholarships will be awarded to applications balancing career-specific/ merit-based and financial need-based. A preference will be given to students from less well-off backgrounds.

Applications are open during September annually, with scholarships being awarded for the following year.

More information about the scholarships will be available when applications open.

Applications can be found here

All other grant applications can be found here.