Managed investment schemes

What is a managed investment scheme?

A managed investment scheme is a collective investment arrangement where investors' money is pooled and invested in a range of assets. Each investor owns a portion of (or units in) the scheme.

We act as Trustee and Supervisor for a wide range of managed investment products, including...

  • Managed investment schemes
    Consist of funds that invest in a range of assets and sell units to investors. Our services encompass both wholesale and retail schemes.
  • Master trusts and wrap accounts
    A structure is set up to invest in a range of funds, making it easier for investors to manage multiple investments.
  • Superannuation and KiwiSaver schemes
    Managed investment schemes that are subject to additional legislative requirements.

What we do as Trustee and Supervisor

  • We supervise the performance of the Manager of managed investment schemes of its functions and obligations.
  • We supervise the financial position of the Manager and the managed investment schemes.
  • We work with the organisation to help prepare the governing deed and disclosure documents and keep them current.
  • We hold the assets, authorise transactions and monitor the scheme managers' compliance with the governing rules.
  • We have an extensive investment administration and settlements operation - see custodial services. We also help in choosing and appointing specialists to administer the scheme or assist with such responsibilities.