Debt issues

What is a debt issue?

A debt issue refers to when an organisation raises money by borrowing from investors. Our service covers all forms of debt issues including...

  • secured and unsecured - such as bonds and debentures
  • subordinated debt issues - where investors are paid after other creditors, but before shareholders
  • composite and hybrid arrangements - where different features are combined into an offering
  • securitisation structures - where debts are parcelled up into a trust for sale
  • acting as security agent.

What we do as Supervisor

As supervisor, we work with the Issuer to help prepare the trust deed and disclosure documents.

Once the issue has commenced, we supervise the Issuer's activities and securities by reviewing reports, attending meetings and ensuring that the Issuer complies with the terms of the Trust Deed and offer.

In the case of a security agent, our role is to hold securities on behalf of multiple third parties and act on their instructions.