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Nearly 120 years later, TG Macarthy continues to help those in need

Since its inception in 1912, one of New Zealand’s most significant philanthropic trusts has gifted more than $82 million to support education, provide care for the elderly and improve the quality of life for the disadvantaged in the lower North Island.

The TG Macarthy Trust takes its name from its wealthy benefactor, Thomas George Macarthy, who established the trust as a way to help build strong, inclusive and supportive communities.

The 2021 grant round has just been decided by the Trust Board, with more than $2.5m being awarded to nearly 740 entities, including significant grants to the Royal New Zealand Ballet, Wellington City Mission and Wellington Zoo and smaller amounts awarded to support community organisations such as Wellington Women’s Refuge.

The Trust Board usually includes the Governor-General, the Prime Minister (or representative), the Catholic Archbishop of Wellington and the Capital City’s Mayor and this was the first meeting for our new Governor-General, Dame Cindy Kiro.

Public Trust acts as trustee, reporting on the Trust’s financial position and being part of the sign-off process for awarding the grants among other duties.

Who was TG Macarthy - and what is his legacy?

Some examples of charitable grants from the trust: