Simple Will Service

Simple will service

The simple will service is restricted to…

  • straightforward family situations where Public Trust is appointed executor and
  • no legal or professional advice is wanted and
  • people on a low income and
  • people 18 years or older.

This service costs $74 (including GST) and consists of...

  • completing an online instruction form and
  • attending a booked appointment to have the will witnessed then stored at a Public Trust customer centre.

While no legal or professional advice will be given, to make the will legal it must be signed and witnessed at a Public Trust customer centre. At the end of the online form you can specify a convenient time for your witnessing appointment* and someone from Public Trust will contact you to confirm your appointment.

* The Wills Act requires you to sign your will in the presence of two witnesses who also have to sign the will in your presence. These witnesses cannot be beneficiaries under your will; nor can they be your spouse, civil union or de facto partner.