Choosing an executor

Your will needs an executor. That’s someone who is responsible for making sure your wishes are carried out when you’re gone.

They need to be trustworthy, good with business and legal matters, well-organised and a good communicator. They’ll be doing things such as:

  • Handling the funeral expenses
  • Getting court authorisation to administer your will
  • Taking an inventory of all your assets
  • Distributing these assets to the people you want to receive them
  • Paying bills, closing accounts, and doing lots of admin – like income tax returns
  • They may also have to deal with any claims on your estate.

You should choose your executor carefully, as the role can be time-consuming, complicated and stressful, and can come with legal liability.

You can choose Public Trust to be your executor when you make your will with us. We specialise in independent executor services, so we can take the weight off any friend or family member you might have been considering.

If you do choose someone else, we also offer Executor Assist – a support service for executors.