Charitable bequests

Supporting causes you care about

A charitable bequest is a gift in a will. They are made by Kiwis across the full social spectrum in order to support causes and people. We all have causes we care about which may include:

  • a learning institution
  • medical research
  • healthcare
  • the well-being of animals
  • a charity involving children
  • the environment
  • community services
  • the arts
  • youth development

During our lives it can be challenging to financially support the causes and people we care about. A charitable bequest allows us to support specific causes after we've gone. Charitable bequests are an important aspect in successfully operating cause-related organisations.

Including a charity in your will is just as easy as providing for your loved ones. And it can be as much, or as little, as you want.

Find out about making your will

To find a registered New Zealand charity, view the Charities Register website.

You can also support charities through a charitable trust. Public Trust can help set up and manage charitable trusts during your life and after you're gone. Find out more about charitable trusts.