Just like family

“Everything is fine. We’ll take care of it all.”

When Zoe Richardson-Buchanan called Public Trust after the death of her mother, these simple words said it all – she wasn’t alone.

As the only offspring and having lost her father 10 years ago, Zoe felt immediately isolated and unsure after her mother’s passing.

“I was blank, grieving and didn’t know who to call. Then I remembered Public Trust – I knew they would sort everything.”

And they did – just as they had done for her parents. The connection with Public Trust is a long one for Zoe’s family, with the organisation lending critical support to the family for more than 50 years.

Zoe recalls her parents were always very “sensible”, both having wills with Public Trust and encouraging Zoe to get a will at a young age.

“For as long as I can remember they have had wills with Public Trust and made sure I even had one when I started work,” says Zoe.

Prior to the family home in Waikanae being sold, both parents set up a Public Trust prepaid funeral trust, with the foresight that the funds would remove any unnecessary pressure from their daughter at the time of their deaths.

A prepaid funeral trust allows money to be set aside for funeral expenses, held in a specially created trust. The funds are available immediately to pay for funeral expenses, and any money left over is transferred to the estate.

When her father died, Zoe and her mother had comfort in knowing everything was paid for. And again, when Zoe’s mother passed away, she knew everything was being looked after.

“I felt relief and gratitude that this had been taken care of, leaving me to focus on the day itself. Public Trust facilitated matters with such efficiency and thoughtfulness, I only had to focus on what needed to be done at my end.”

In the latter years, Public Trust also took responsib

ility for the property and financial side of her mother’s enduring power of attorney, while Zoe looked after her personal care and welfare.

“I’ve totally trusted Public Trust. When I’ve had no one to ask if I was managing things right or was on the right track, I could ask them.”

And now, as Zoe prepares for her own future, she’s confident that Public Trust will lend her the helping hand that her parents enjoyed for many years. Without any dependants, she has her eye on Personal Assist – a service that can provide as much or as little help as she needs in her daily life.

“Public Trust has been a great help at the hardest times in our family’s life,” adds Zoe.

“I know they’ll be there for me too.”

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