Get help with Residential Care Subsidy or Residential Care Loan paperwork

Applying for a Residential Care Subsidy (RCS) or Residential Care Loan (RCL) can be tricky.

Public Trust can prepare this for you to ensure it is completed correctly.

How we can help

  • Right first time

    Subsidies can only be backdated up to 90 days before the date the application is received, so getting it right first time helps you avoid additional costs.

  • Avoid rejection

    If the application is not completed correctly, it may be rejected and need to be redone, or you will have to go through a lengthy review process, which can be costly and uncertain.

  • We do the scary paperwork

    The law, policy and practice in this area is complex. We can help you navigate this and can help with the large amount of paperwork.

  • Less stress

    Letting Public Trust do the work enables you to concentrate on other important matters, such as settling a family member into a rest home.

How Residential Care Subsidies and Loans work

The costs for residential care at a hospital or rest home can be difficult to manage for some, so the Ministry of Health offers subsidies and loans to ease the financial burden.

A Residential Care Subsidy (RCS) can cover some or all of the costs and is paid directly to the care facility.

A Residential Care Loan (RCL) may be available for those who are asset rich, in that they own their home, but cash poor (having less than $30,000 for a couple, or $15,000 for a single person). The loan is repaid when the applicant sells their home or passes away.

If you or a loved one require residential care, it’s important to find out your eligibility for an RCS or RCL in a timely fashion to avoid escalating financial burden.

Applying for a Residential Care Subsidy or Loan

Applying for a RCS or RCL is a two-step process, including a complex 20-page application form. Public Trust can prepare this for you to ensure it is completed correctly.

  • Step 1

    Your care needs and eligibility for financial support are assessed by a Needs Assessment Service Coordinator (NASC). If they deem that care is required, they will give you an RCS/RCL application form.

  • Step 2

    Income and assets are assessed for both the applicant and their partner. Public Trust can help with collecting and preparing the supplementary information required for the application.

How much will it cost?

Everyone’s situation is different, so Public Trust charges for the time your individual application takes. Once we’ve spoken to you, we can give you an estimate of how much this will be.

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