Remote desktop access

Most Public Trust staff can not access their desktops remotely.

If you need to be able to do so for Business Continuity purposes:

  • you must have completed the 'Remote Access Request form' and gained approval from your General Manager and the IT Service Manager
  • the computer you're wanting to access must be left on
  • for best results, use a Windows PC
  • you must have your PC number
  • you should use Internet Explorer.


  1. Open Internet Explorer and go to:
  2. Type your Public Trust CSO and password in the fields provided and click the Login button
    Login screen
  3. Enter your PC number in the field shown below and click Connect
    PCO number
  4. Choose Other User
    Other user
  5. Enter: Planforlife\CSO (where CSO is your three-letter identifier) and your password in the fields shown below.
    Log in

Note: You may receive a variety of messages when logging in from home. Because of this, it may be wise to investigate how remote access works best for your setup before you need it for business continuity purposes.

You can access the VPN User Guide here.