William Georgetti Scholarship

The William Georgetti Scholarship was established to encourage postgraduate study and research, normally in New Zealand, in a field that in the opinion of the Scholarship Board, is important to the social, cultural or economic development of New Zealand.


Applicants must: 

  • have resided in New Zealand for a period of at least five years immediately preceding the year of selection
  • be of good moral character and repute
  • be of good health
  • hold a degree of a university in New Zealand or elsewhere or any other academic qualification of a university or other institution of learning (in New Zealand or elsewhere) reasonably equivalent in the opinion of the Scholarship Board to a degree of a university in New Zealand.


William Georgetti was born in Wanganui on 12 July 1867, one of Augustine and Ellen Georgetti's 9 children. The Georgetti family was one of the first to land and settle in Wanganui, had a strong relationship with the local iwi, and played a large role in the development of Wanganui city.

While Mr Georgetti wanted to become a doctor he followed his father's wishes and became a land owner and speculator, owning properties throughout Australia and New Zealand. He also owned interests in timber and gold mining and was one of the original 20 shareholders of W Richmond's Ltd.

Mr Georgetti was well travelled, having visited Australia, Canada, Europe, Tonga and Fiji. He went on to settle at `Crissoge', a farm near Hastings, in 1918 with his wife Mary and children Grace, Douglas and Joyce; and farmed sheep for the remainder of his life. William Georgetti passed away from cancer on 7 February 1943.

Mr Georgetti instructed that the residue of his estate form a perpetual charitable trust for the purpose of funding scholarships. This charitable trust is managed by Public Trust.

Mr Georgetti believed that "whatever fluctuations there may be in prices for primary produce and in land values and whatever vicissitudes the said Dominion may pass through farming land will always be the most stable asset in which to invest money". In keeping with Mr Georgetti's wishes, the trust still holds all 125.5 ha of Crissoge and it is currently leased as eight orchards. Rental income from the orchards, along with other investments, fund the William Georgetti Scholarship.

How to apply

The William Georgetti Scholarship application process is administered by the Universities New Zealand-Te Pokai Tara. For information on how to apply, go to the Universities New Zealand-Te Pokai Tara website.

All open grant applications are accessible here.