Grant Round for Charities

Grant Round for Charities

This grant round will be open in May 2016

Macarthy Trust Funding Region

Funding applications are called for on an annual basis with applications opening 1 May and closing 30 June this year.

The Thomas George Macarthy Trust grants to registered charitable or educational organisations operating in the old Wellington provincial district, as shown on the map to the right. Click the map to the right for a larger view

Application Eligibility Criteria

In order to be eligible to apply for a grant, an organisation must be: 

  • A registered charity and supply their registration number
  • Operating within the Trust’s Region
  • Supply a set of Financial Statements completed in line with the Reporting Standards set by Charities Services
  • Applicants are expected to have made endeavours to raise funds independently
  • Applications from controlling bodies are preferred, e.g. The Toy Library Federation of NZ applies on behalf of Toy Libraries registered with the Federation in the Trust’s region.
  • In certain circumstances applications from both a controlling body and branch may be considered.
  • The significance of Government funding will be taken into consideration when assessing applications
  • Applications for religious purposes will only be considered if the organisation provides a full general secular education
  • Applications for assistance or promotion of Drama, Music Arts and Crafts will only be considered if there is a clearly defined educational purpose or public benefit
  • Applications from sports organisations will only be considered if they are a registered charity and can clearly show that they are providing advancement of education or promotion of health, for a significant section of the public
  • Applications for environmental projects will only be considered if there is a clearly defined educational purpose or public benefit
  • Organisations supporting animal welfare will only be considered if there is a clearly defined educational purpose or public benefit
  • Applications are to be submitted to either the Thomas George Macarthy Trust or the Thomas Richard Moore Trust, but not both.

Completing the Application

It is important that all details on the application are concise and easy to read. Applications not completed in full, e.g. ‘please refer to attached information’ will not be accepted. 

Prior to completing the online application you may wish to click on the link and view the questions and information to be supplied to the Trustee.

When answering the questions please be as specific as possible 

  • The organisations positive impact on the community
  • The need for the service/programme/activities in the community served by the organisation
  • Is another organisation offering the same or similar programme
  • The organisations ability to meet this need
  • The level of community support for the organisation 
  • The number of people supported by the organisation
  • The number of people benefitting from this grant

Decisions relating to grant applications are made on the information provided in the application and other general enquiries.  

All grant applications are considered by an independent Board of Governors whose decisions are binding and are advised to all applicants in November of each year.