Thomas George Macarthy Trust

Thomas George Macarthy Trust

The Thomas George Macarthy Trust donates to registered charitable or educational organisations operating in the Macarthy Trust Funding Regionold Wellington provincial district, defined as the area of the North Island which is south of Turangi and excluding Taranaki and Hawke's Bay.

All registered schools, kindergartens, play centres, kohanga reo, Pacific Island language groups and Plunket organisations in the trust area receive donations on a biennial or annual basis and do not need to submit applications.

The Toy Library Federation of NZ applies on behalf of Toy Libraries registered with the Federation in the Trusts region.  Please click the map to the right for a larger view.

Individuals and service clubs are not eligible to apply.

Applications from sports organisations will only be considered if they can clearly demonstrate advancement of education or promotion of health, for a significant section of the public.


Thomas George Macarthy of Wellington, Brewer, died in Wellington on 19 August 1912.

The Trust created by Mr Macarthy's will, as varied by two Acts of Parliament, provides for so much of the income as the Board of Governors sees fit to be distributed among registered charitable or educational organisations operating in the old Wellington provincial district.

Mr Macarthy was born in London in 1833. Attracted by the gold discoveries in Victoria he went to Australia in the 1850s. He crossed the Tasman to the Otago diggings in 1865, and from there followed the rush to the West Coast where, after some success on the various goldfields, most notably at Reefton, he established a small brewery at Charleston.Thomas George Macarthy

Seeking to expand his business talents Mr Macarthy came to Wellington in 1877 and bought a brewery in Custom House Quay and another in Tory Street, the Tory Street property is still owned by the Trust.

As well as being a successful business man Mr Macarthy actively participated in public affairs and is recorded to have been a Director of the Bank of New Zealand and President of the Wellington Racing Club. He also held many other offices.

His obituary describes him as being a very quiet, reserved man who never courted publicity. He was however of a kindly nature and ever ready to give unostentatiously in the cause of genuine charity.

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Board of Governors

The Board of Governors comprises those who from time to time hold the following positions:

  • Governor General of New Zealand
  • Prime Minister of New Zealand
  • Mayor of Wellington
  • Roman Catholic Archbishop of Wellington.