JBS Dudding Trust

The JBS Dudding Trust was established to benefit charitable organisations within New Zealand.

The John Beresford Swan Dudding Trust is a registered charity under the Charities Act 2005, Registration No. CC27320.

Funding Eligibility Criteria

In order to be eligible to apply applicants must be:

  • An organisation (registered with Charities Services or an incorporated society) or a school, and
  • Based in or supporting people within the Rangitikei District.

Individuals, sports organisations and service clubs are not eligible to apply to the Trust.

The Trust does not fund overseas projects.

Funding Area

Rangitikei Map
The Trust has recently refined its funding area (as defined by the Rangitikei District Council map).

Click on the map to view a larger version.

How to apply

The JBS Dudding Trust is open for applications from 1 May and closes 30 June each year.

To view information on previous grants click here.

All open grant applications are accessible here.

Terms and Conditions

  • Only one application per organisation will be accepted in the annual grant round.
  • Applications for funding are considered by the Trustee and John Beresford Swan Dudding Advisory Board.
  • The Trustee’s decision is final.
  • Decisions regarding grants are made on the basis of information provided in the application forms, supporting material and other enquiries.
  • Grants may be approved subject to certain conditions. In such circumstances the funds will normally be held by Public Trust until the conditions have been met.
  • All successful applicants must record the grant in their accounts as “Public Trust – The JBS Dudding Trust".
  • Successful grant applicants may be required to provide the Trust with information for accountability purposes.


JBS Dudding

The JBS Dudding Trust was established in 1963 by local farmer and investor John Beresford Swan Dudding and has been managed by Public Trust since its inception.

John Dudding spent his early years in Marton. At the outset of World War I Mr Dudding enlisted with the NZ Army and went on to serve in the Gallipoli campaign. On his return to New Zealand, wounded and facing rehabilitation, Mr Dudding began farming on one of the small units of the Greystoke Farm Settlement in Tutaenui, near Marton. For 50 years Mr Dudding tenaciously, and with considerable success, maintained and improved that property.

John Dudding married Lorna Marshall, a granddaughter of Major John Marshall of Tutu Totara, Marton. They had no children of their own. It was said that much of John's success and subsequent legacy to the Rangitikei community was helped by the self-sacrificing support of his wife.

In the last 20 years of Mr Dudding's life, while continuing to farm Greystoke, he started investing in the New Zealand stock market. During this time Mr Dudding became one of the largest shareholders in some major companies that were then listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange.

John Dudding died in 1969 aged 74, six years after establishing the JBS Dudding Trust. Having farmed for most of his life, Mr Dudding was aware of the financial challenges caused by fluctuating farm prices. As a result, Mr Dudding knew the hardships that can be experienced by people living in rural areas, as well as the impacts felt in the wider community. Mr Dudding believed that in establishing a charitable trust, with the award of grants to deserving organisations, this would help cushion the Rangitikei people from the vagaries of the economy in rural New Zealand.

More Information

If you have any questions please contact Public Trust Charities via email at funding@publictrust.co.nz or phone 0800 371 471.