Kamo-Tuuta Scholarship

The Kamo-Tuuta Scholarship was established through the Will of Minnie Te Miri Kamo, late of Kaiapoi. The purpose of the Scholarship is the facilitating post-graduate study through a University, or other recognised tertiary education system.

Who is eligible?

The scholarship is available to the following:
1.Family members of Peter Kamo, husband of Minnie Te Miri Kamo.
2.Family members of George Tuuta (also known as George Toko Tuuta), father of Minnie Te Miri Kamo.
3.If no family members in any year are available for the scholarship, then any other Maori student of Te Atiawa or Arawa descent may apply.

NB: Family members of Peter Kamo and George Tuuta will include Whangai family members.

How much funding is available?

A maximum of $5,000 will be awarded to an applicant.

How to apply

Applications must be completed and emailed, with the required supporting documents, to Public Trust via funding@publictrust.co.nz. Applications may be submitted at any time in the year. Please see the application form for the required documents.

You can find the application form here.

General Terms and Conditions

*Applications must be submitted on the application form.
*Decisions regarding Grants are made based on the information provided in the application, supporting material and other enquiries.
*The Trustee’s decision is final.
*Applicants will need to provide a family tree showing their relationship to Peter Kamo or George Tuuta.
*Scholarships may be approved subject to certain conditions. In such circumstances, Public Trust may hold the funds until the conditions have been met.


Further enquiries, contact Public Trust on 0800 371 471 or email funding@publictrust.co.nz