George Brown Trust

The George Brown Trust was established in 1934 by the will of the late George Brown, a retired jeweller of Nelson. Public Trust administers the trust as Trustee.

The George Brown Trust gives grants to registered charitable organisations and schools towards the maintenance, support, relief or benefit of person of good character and repute who life in Nelson City and who are in indigent circumstances and unable adequately to maintain and support themselves and their dependants.

Funding eligibility criteria

  • Applicants must be a registered charitable entity or a school, situated in Nelson City, within the boundaries of Cape Scousie in the north and the ridge-line at Bryant Range in the east and Champion Road to the south. The coast forms the western boundary, outlined on the map.
  • The project must be directed at people who are poor, in need, aged, or suffering genuine hardship and provide relief.
  • Individuals, sports organisations and service clubs are not eligible to apply to the Trust and the Trust does not fund overseas projects.

How to apply

Applications are open bi-annually (2019,2021,2023) opening on the 1st of February and closing on the 1st of March.

All open grant applications can be found here.