Grant payments

Distributions for years:

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Grant Payments for 2016

Mental Health Sector Projects

Pablos Art Studio - Tutor Workshops - $6,500

PHAB Association Incorporated -Vocational Employment Skills Workshop - $5,000

Youthline Auckland Charitable Trust- Supporting youth successfully transition into the workforce - $10,000

Wairarapa Women's Centre - Back to work with Confidence -$4,540

Total - $26,040

Intellectual Disability Sector

Community Care Trust - Job Coaches for internship programme - $10,000

Delta Community Support Trust- Enterprise Skill Development - $10,000

Dunedin Friend-Link - Production Publishing sharing 30 years experience of self advocacy, empowerment - $3,000

Enrich+ Spectrum Energy- Youth Weekly support group - $5,000

Taranaki Down Syndrome Association -Start up for network project - $10,000

Tautoko Support Services- Facilitation Costs for 4 job Cafe style workshops - $8,000

The Attitude Trust- inspirational short film, Robert Martin Leader at the United Nations - $10,000

Arts Integrated Trust Christchurch- Employment of Assistant Tutors with Intellectual Disabilities - $6,000

Total - $62,000

Both Sectors 

Life Restoration Trust- Life Skills programme based on a peer support model - $5,000

Parent to Parent Wellington - Sibling Support Camp -  $2,000

Thumbs Up Charitable Trust-  Art Gallery, visual art can be displayed and sold - $3,000

Waikato Community Broadcasting Charitable Trust t/a Free FM - Costs for disability radio show for young people - $1,500

Total - $11,500

Grand Total - $99,540

Grant Payments for 2015

Mental Health Sector Projects 

Downtown Community Ministry Inc, Wellington – To deliver a consumer-focused programme which supports a group to overcome significant, multiple barriers to job entry - $10,000

Kites Trust, Wellington – Support young people to create peer-led responses that will support their wellbeing as well as build and evidence a new and innovative way of providing support.  A significant aspect of this project will focus on workforce development - $6,000  

Literacy Aotearoa Porirua, Porirua – A new initiative working with a small group of students with a history of mental health issues these classes will focus on literacy and computer skills - $3,500

Opposable Thumb Films, Auckland – A short film that captures a young woman’s struggle with anxiety - $6,000

Potikohua Charitable Trust, Westport – Provide support for an experienced retailer to set up systems, mentor and support women in running a retail outlet to sell locally produced items - $5,608

Sigjaws Trust, Christchurch – A consumer advocate/support worker to develop a wide knowledge of available resources to manage consumer’s day to day enquiries - $5,000

Supporting Families, Wairarapa – Continue the development of a team of presenters who have personal experience of mental illness to deliver 6 workshops to the Wairarapa community with the aim of reducing stigma and discrimination in the workplace around mental illness - $5,000

Toi Ora Live Art Trust, Auckland – “Express Yourself” a ten week early intervention programme for 17-26 year olds using creative processes and  youth development practices lead by experienced facilitators to achieve health and wellbeing outcomes and support transition to tertiary and employment opportunities - $8,240

Total - $49,348

Intellectual Disability Sector
Children’s Autism Foundation, Auckland – Personal development workshops on popular topics for dealing with anxiety, a guide to ASD, strategies for behaviour or sensory processing and provide one on one outreach services for families with children affected by Autism - $4,000

Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower Trust, Upper Moutere – Young adults with learning disabilities to co-facilitate a pilot, engage mainstream youth in learning activities that are fun and relevant, create resources for delivery with expected outcomes showing how participants learn demonstrate and apply skills – $6,000

Methodist City Action, Hamilton – Provide training and assessment for an NZQA Food Safety Certificate - $7,000 

NZ Disability Support Network, Wellington – Support a project consisting of four steps which will culminate in positive outcomes for people with mental health and intellectual disabilities in terms of involvement, inclusion and improved services. Information collected will be collated into a report with recommendations for action, which will be presented at the next years (2016) NZDSN National Conference - $7,000. 

People First New Zealand Inc., Wellington –  Establish relationships with Rotary NZ to deliver presentations about people with learning disabilities being employees, roles and what people need to be successful in gaining employment and be good at their jobs - $7,000.  

Recreate NZ, Auckland – Support micro-enterprises e.g. orchard and develop value added products, office cleaning, landscaping and vans valet service and a local fudge business – $7,000

Total $38,000 

Both Sectors
Agape Fellowship Charitable Trust, Palmerston North – Assist members with educational opportunities to gain a qualification – $3,500 

EBAT trading as Pou Whakaaro, Whakatane – Assist with building a greenhouse, shade house and salary for a gardening coordinator to support people into micro businesses; hanging sunshine baskets and balls, herbs and vegetable plants - $5,000  

Waikato Community Broadcasting Charitable Trust, Hamilton – Support the “Daily Challenges” show which focuses on the disabled community and provides a necessary outlet and voice for the host to discuss and debate disability issues for the wider disability sector - $1,000

Wellington After-Care Association Inc., Wellington – Support a 12 week program identifying and developing business ideas, niche and market gaps, business requirements from accounting, planning and health and safety utilising people who have lived experience of recovery from mental distress to provide mentoring and coaching to consumers - $7,500 

Yes Disability Resource Centre Services Trust, Auckland - Develop interventions that are designed with young people with disabilities, to create lasting and meaningful change across employers, community, business and individuals who experience disability - $8,000. 

Total $25,000

Grand Total $112,348

Grant Payments for 2014

Mental Health Sector Projects

  • Arahura Charitable Trust, Auckland – To assist with funds towards a dedicated vehicle to provide transitional paid employment opportunities to members - $8,000
  • PACT, Dunedin – To assist with three self-led micro-enterprises, market garden, mobile market stall and the Apartment Work Team - $7,700
  • Potikohua Charitable Trust, Westport – To assist with a micro-level social enterprise to give women skills in areas like gardening increasing personal strengths and learning’s on how to run a cottage industry - $6,240
  • Turning Point Trust, Tauranga – To assist with the mopeds programme - $5,000
  • Waikato Community Broadcasting Charitable Trust , Hamilton – To empower volunteers to have a voice, develop new skills and gain industry experience for careers in the media - $1,000
  • Wairarapa Women’s Centre, Masterton – To support three courses focusing on the different stages in the process of gaining employment - $6,778
  • Willing Workers, South Dunedin – To assist with purchasing additional power tools - $8,700
  • Work Opportunities, South Dunedin – To assist with developing a micro-enterprise and commence production using a glass crusher to produce and on sell garden ornaments - $9,600

Total $53,018

Intellectual Disability Sector

  • Community Care Trust, South Dunedin – To assist with providing a transport resource to transport people, their equipment and remove waste for people engaged in lawn mowing and property maintenance - $7,500
  • EBAT trading a Pou Whakaaro, Whakatane – To assist with continuing the employment of a dedicated marketing person to assist participants in best practice for sustainable micro-businesses - $9,040
  • Families Action Support Team Inc., Palmerston North – To assist families and service providers in initiating micro-businesses for individuals - $10,000
  • IHC New Zealand Inc., Lower Hutt – To assist with capital equipment plus costs for setting up a small business (insurance and legal costs) supporting the micro business (lawn mowing and maintaining sections)
  • Kapiti Shed Project (KSP) Aotea Community Trust, Kapiti Coast – Seed funding for the micro-enterprise wood working workshop, supporting community development - $9,000

Total $45,540

Grand Total $98,558

Grant Payments for 2013

Mental Health Sector Projects

  • Journeys to Wellbeing Trust, Palmerston North – To design and deliver a one day workshop three times a year, focusing on education and strategies to transform negative thought patterns into hopeful attitudes - $5,000
  • Mental Health Foundation, Auckland – Supporting a writer to produce a comedy about one person’s journey from being a professional person and his experiences with bipolar - $10,000
  • Lower Hutt Women’s Centre, Lower Hutt – To continue running a monthly sexual abuse support group and two weekly self esteem groups - $6,000
  • Mental Health Advocacy & Peer Support, Christchurch – To continue and extend the Breathing, Relaxation and Mindfulness course and to grow an acappella singing group weekly - $5,000
  • Postnatal Distress Support Network Trust, Auckland – To run a weekly postnatal distress peer support group in Auckland - $10,000
  • Potikohua Charitable Trust, Westport – To provide community lunches as a means of socialisation for those with mental health needs - $1,000
  • Rape and Abuse Support Centre Southland, Invercargill – To offer a pathway back into the community by offering planned activity based socializing at their weekly coffee mornings - $10,000
  • Stepping Stone Trust, Christchurch, Caroline Reid Family Support Service – To provide camps, programmes and activities for the children of mentally challenged parents - $10,000

Total $57,000

Intellectual Disability Sector

  • Blue Goose Papermill Trust, Whangarei – A sunshade/awning and a sign for outside the building - $6,750
  • Interacting Theatre Trust, Auckland – To run weekly drama and film making classes for young people in five venues throughout Auckland - $10,000
  • Mash Trust, Palmerston North – To hold 4 workshops to promote how to communicate with people who are non-verbal as well as those who display challenging behaviour - $8,000
  • Parent to Parent Wellington Region, Lower Hutt – To run two Sib Shop’s to help children from eight to twelve and thirteen to eighteen to cope with the challenges of living with a brother or sister who has a disability or special need - $1,519
  • Recreate NZ Charitable Trust, Auckland – For an adventure Camp and a Ski Camp - $6,500
  • Spark Centre (Panacea Arts Charitable Trust), Auckland – Creative therapy programme ‘Art on the Spectrum’ - $8,333.40.

Total $41,102.40

Grand Total $98,102.40

Donation payments for 2012

Mental Health Sector Projects

  • Caroline Reid Family Support Service, Stepping Stone Trust, Christchurch – Provide camps programmes and activities for the children of mentally challenged parents and assist the parents where possible with the pressures they face on a daily basis - $10,000
  • Eden, Auckland – Expand, extend & populate the online and social media resources and to encourage more service user interaction - $4,784
  • Hearing Voices Network Aotearoa, Wellington, Keepwell Ltd, Auckland – Train and support voice hearers run peer support groups - $5,000
  • Journeys to Wellbeing, Palmerston North – Intentional Peer Support (IPS) to train people with a lived experience - $7,000
  • Kites Trust, Wellington – Peer Zone – delivery from June 2012 - $5,000
  • Lower Hutt Women’s Centre, Lower Hutt – Courses and workshops for women - $6,000
  • Manawatu Supporting Families, Palmerston North – A programmes for aged 7-12years designed to provide educated lessons about Mental Illness in their family environment - $9,000
  • Mental Health Advocacy & Peer Support, Christchurch – Lalaga A peer support and activity programme run by and for Pacifica adults - $9,000
  • Mental Health Foundation of NZ, Auckland – Produce resources for the 5 Ways to Wellbeing - $5,000
  • Stepping Out Hauraki Inc, Thames – Annual festival to promote anti-discrimination and stigma - $1,000
  • Supporting Families Wairarapa, Masterton – To run 4 peer to peer support groups for people experiencing mental health issues - $7,200

Total $68,984

Intellectual Disability Sector

  • ASID (NZ) Assisted by People First New Zealand Inc, Dunedin - Development and leading of a consumers forum during the conference proceedings - $10,000
  • Autism NZ Inc. Canterbury, Christchurch - Social skills group for young adults aged 18 to 30 years - $3,000
  • Canterbury UPP Education Trust, Christchurch - three day camp for forty teenagers and young adults to encourage all attendees to participate, increase self confidence, communication and to develop short and long term goals - $4,000
  • Citizen Advocacy Auckland Inc, Auckland - Citizen Advocacy Service in Rotorua - $10,000
  • Fuse Charitable Trust, Wellington - Provide social opportunities for those aged between 18 to 25 years - $2,000
  • NZ Disability Support Network, Wellington – Cover costs of consumers and support to attend forums.  Pay for experts in the intellectual disability area to present at the forums - $10,000
  • Options in Community Living, Palmerston North - Funds to set up a "blog" and learn how to use, promote and maintain the site for the first year - $10,000
  • People First New Zealand Inc, Wellington - Deliver 2 courses to teach people about the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities - $8,000
  • Southwest Football Foundation Trust, Christchurch - Run programmes to improve physical health - $9,500

Total $66,500

Grand Total $108,896

Donation payments for 2011

Mental Health Sector Projects

  • Get Smart Tauranga Trust, Tauranga - A six week programme that follows the structure of the Te Whare Tapa Wha (house of 4 walls model) - $3,500
  • Mental Health Foundation of NZ, Auckland - Develop a photo journalism project that focuses on positive images and stories behind Christchurch's individuals, organisations and communities that are working together to rebuild their city and flourish again - $10,000
  • Northern Southland Community Resource Centre Charitable Trust, Northern Southland - Support three programmes, Community Garden, Morning Teas for Seniors and Soup and Chat for the Elderly - $2,500
  • Post Natal Distress Support Network, Auckland - Run a weekly postnatal distress support group at Greenlane - $8,000
  • Raeburn House, Auckland - Five programmes to assist communities with mental health issues that will help individuals gain improved mental health and wellbeing - $9,820
  • Rainbow Youth Inc., Auckland - Eight week project to improve the level of inclusion of young people with unique intellects and physicality's - $3,000
  • Rape and Abuse Support Centre, Invercargill - interactive workshops - $2,500
  • Recreate NZ, Auckland - To provide adventure, social and recreational opportunities for children and youth - $6,500
  • Wellington Women's Health Collective, Wellington - Work with women who are in recovery from serious mental illness to rebuild confidence ready to rejoin the workforce - $8,600

Total $54,420

Intellectual Disability Sector

  • Autism NZ Inc. Canterbury, Christchurch - Social skills group for young adults aged 18 to 30 years - $3,000
  • Canterbury UPP Education Trust, Christchurch - three day camp for forty teenagers and young adults to encourage all attendees to participate, increase self confidence, communication and to develop short and long term goals - $3,000
  • Community Care Trust, Dunedin - Assist with funding a commercial treadmill to be used in the circuit and exercise programmes - $7,976
  • Dunedin Friend-Link, Dunedin - Explore ways to address and overcome the challenge of social isolation and lack of peer friendships for teenagers - $8,000
  • Hohepa Canterbury, Christchurch - Provide planter boxes to allow gardening from a seated position, irrigation, native plants and shade cloth - $4,500
  • Interacting, Auckland - InterAct festival a three day festival involving New Zealand's leaders in the field of Disability Arts - $10,000
  • NZ Disability Support Network, Wellington - NZDS Conference "Communities & Flexible Futures" March 2012 - $5,000
  • People First New Zealand Inc, Wellington - Keeping Safe Project - $5,000
  • St Chads Communication Centre, Rotorua - Thirty Six week programme to encourage and enhance community participation fitness and exercise programmes - $8,000

Total $54,476

Grand Total $108,896

Donation payments for 2010

Mental Health Sector Projects

  • Balance NZ, Wanganui - On Line NZ Peer Support Network - $15,000
  • Canterbury UPP - Annual Weekend Camp - $ 3,000
  • Earthlink Inc., Upper Hutt - Reintegrating/gain employable work skills - $15,000
  • Health Action Trust, Nelson - Peer Support & Advocacy Training for 30 people - $ 7,250
  • Kites Trust, Wellington - Develop & implement comprehensive per-led recovery learning - $15,480
  • Midway in Northland Day Services Trust, Moerewa - To integrate service users from isolated areas - $10,000
  • Parentline, Hamilton - Parenting courses for mothers with mental health problems - $ 3,260
  • Street Football Aotearoa, Wellington - Develop a NZ wide Street Football network - $10,000
  • Turning Point Trust, Tauranga - Supporting a writer to compile a book with stories & poems written by people with bipolar affective - $10,000
  • Vincent House Trust, Tauranga - Recreational package for outdoor activities - $ 9,000
  • Whau Valley Shaiora Support Trust, Whangarei - Educate, improve health and wellbeing of woman - $ 2,000

Total $99,990

Intellectual Disability Sector Projects   

  • Autism NZ Otago - Assist 10 families to attend the National Autism conference in Wellington in September - $ 3,400
  • CCS Disability Action, Otago - Support a self identified group of young people aged 13-17 years who are experiencing isolation - $ 4,165
  • IHC NZ Inc., Wellington - Facilitate Self Advocacy Forums nationally for up to 50 people - $18,750
  • Lifestyle Trust, Interactionz, Hamilton - One day forum to inform families in the Waikato Region about the concept of natural supports - $ 7,500
  • MASH Trust, Levin - 26 week therapeutic drama programme for 20 Living Plus service users -$10,000
  • New Zealand Down Syndrome Association, Palmerston North - Host a self-advocacy workshop.  `Change for the Better' - $15,000
  • NRID, Nelson - Beginning, Belonging Becoming Conference March 2011 sharing of information, equality will be paramount amongst all people, careers, education and relationships - $10,000
  • Parent to Parent, Hamilton - No One Alone Conference, assist with the registration costs for ten people/families - $ 5,500
  • People First, Wanganui - Run parts A & B of `Speaking up Courses' - $ 7,550
  • Standards Plus, Tauranga - Prosperity Agenda, for people to seek personally meaningful lives, with minimum dependence on the traditional service system - $16,194
  • Taupo Aspergers Support - To educate, advocate & support autistic spectrum disorder in the community - $ 1,951

Total $ 100,010

Grand Total $200,000

Donation payments for 2009

  • Depression Support Network, Christchurch- $20,000
  • Kites Trust, Wellington - $15,000
  • Kites Trust, Wellington - $4,500
  • Psychiatric Consumers Trust, Christchurch - $20,000
  • Stepping Out Hauraki, Thames - $1,000
  • Te Whangai Trust, Pokeno - $12,500
  • Toi Ora Live Art Trust, Auckland - $30,000
  • Volunteering Otago, Dunedin - $7,500
  • West Auckland Mental Health Support Trust, Waitakere City - $3,000
  • Whau Valley Whaiora Support Trust, Whangarei - $3,500
  • Autism NZ Inc. Bay of Plenty Branch, Tauranga - $6,000
  • Canterbury Upp Education Trust, Christchurch - $2,950
  • Citizen Advocacy Auckland Inc., Auckland - $3,000
  • Community Connections, Porirua - $5,000
  • Families Action Support Team Inc. (FAST), Palmerston North - $10,000
  • Hohepa Canterbury, Christchurch - $11,000
  • Kimi Ora School, Wellington - $2,000
  • Manawatu Supported Living Trust, Palmerston North - $10,000
  • McKenzie Centre Trust , Hamilton - $7,000
  • Parent to Parent Coastal BOP, Tauranga - $2,475
  • Peoples First Top of the South, Nelson - $10,000
  • Poly-Emp Employment Advisory Service, Auckland - $10,000
  • Sherwood Centre Charitable Trust , Dunedin - $8,900
  • Special Olympics N.Z., Lower Hutt - $10,000
  • Special Olympics Auckland, Auckland - $4,000
  • St Chads Communication Centre, Rotorua - $5,000
  • Tautoko Services, Paremata - $5,000