Eileen May Norris Dance Scholarship

The Eileen May Norris Dance Scholarships are awarded to individuals who have demonstrated outstanding dance talent in New Zealand with an appropriate university, polytechnic, dance school or academy, or for those dancing with a professional body or company.

The scholarship is open to individual dancers of any genre undertaking a specific dance project who are:

  • New Zealand born or naturalised citizens
  • aged from 18 years but under 25 years of age as at 31 March.


The Eileen May Norris Dance Scholarship Trust was established by Miss Norris' Will in May 2003, after her death at 88.

Eileen May Norris was born on 18 September 1914 just north of Queenstown at a place called Charleston. She and her family eventually moved to Whangarei where she received her education. From there, Miss Norris moved to Christchurch where she worked for the post office for most of her life.

Eileen May Norris had a passion for dance. She had a love for music and was a proficient piano player. She was heavily involved with dancing and the arts in her local community.

A ballroom dancing medal winner until her middle-aged years, Miss Norris was also a keen Latin American dancer, performing the tango and rumba. She enjoyed watching ballet, and indeed any form of dance.

The Eileen May Norris Dance Scholarship is an opportunity for Miss Norris to give back to the arts and offer young dancers the means to continue to build on their talents.

How to apply

Applications are invited annually and close on 31 March each year.

The application form can be found here.