2020 Grants - David Ellison Trust

Organisation Amount 
180 Degrees Trust       2,000.00
Anglican Diocese of Christchurch - Parish of East Christchurch       5,000.00
Aviva (incorporating Christchurch Women's Refuge) Charitable Trust       4,000.00
Barnardos New Zealand Incorporated       2,500.00
Big Brothers Big Sisters Of Christchurch       2,000.00
Big Buddy Mentoring Trust       1,000.00
Birthright Canterbury Trust       2,500.00
Camp Quality New Zealand       2,000.00
Canterbury Men's Centre       2,000.00
Cholmondeley Children's Centre Incorporated       6,000.00
Christchurch Early Intervention Trust       2,000.00
Christchurch Methodist Central Mission       7,500.00
Christian Blind Mission International (New Zealand)       2,000.00
Christian World Service       3,000.00
Christians Against Poverty New Zealand       6,000.00
Cross Over Trust       3,000.00
Cystic Fibrosis Association of New Zealand       1,000.00
Deacon Trust       2,500.00
Delta Community Support Trust       3,000.00
Drug Arm Christchurch       2,500.00
Eat Up New Zealand Trust       1,000.00
Enrich Community Chaplaincy Trust       3,000.00
Garden to Table Trust       2,000.00
Graeme Dingle Foundation Canterbury       2,000.00
Hamilton Combined Christian Foodbank Trust       2,000.00
Heart Kids New Zealand Incorporated       1,000.00
Louise Perkins Foundation       2,000.00
Macular Degeneration New Zealand       1,000.00
Make A Wish Foundation of New Zealand Trust       2,500.00
Male Support Services, Waikato       1,000.00
Nelson Community Foodbank Trust       2,000.00
New Zealand Council Of Victim Support Groups Incorporated       4,000.00
New Zealand National Committee For Unicef Trust Board       4,000.00
Parent Help Wellington Incorporated       2,000.00
Parenting Place Charitable Trust       2,000.00
Presbyterian Support (Upper South Island)       4,000.00
Project Esther Trust       2,000.00
RAW 2014 Limited       3,000.00
Rostrevor House Incorporated       1,000.00
Royal New Zealand Foundation Of The Blind Incorporated       2,500.00
Samaritans New Zealand Incorporated       2,000.00
Scripture Union In New Zealand Incorporated       2,500.00
Seabrook McKenzie Trust For Specific Learning Disabilities       2,500.00
Sexual Abuse Prevention Network       2,500.00
Social Service Council of the Diocese of Christchurch       5,000.00
Stepping Stone Trust       4,000.00
Stopping Violence Services (Christchurch) Incorporated       4,000.00
The Home and Family Society Christchurch Incorporated       4,000.00
Variety - The Children's Charity Incorporated       2,000.00
Women's Centre Incorporated       2,266.00
Zeal Education Trust       2,000.00
Total  138,266.00