David Ellison Charitable Trust

David Ellison was born and educated in England. He served in the Royal Artillery during active service in the Korean War. David graduated from Oxford with a degree in mathematics and started his teaching career at Cheltenham College, Gloucestershire. David Ellison later travelled to New Zealand in 1964 to a position at Wanganui Collegiate School where he taught maths and later became the Director of Music.

David’s strong Christian faith inspired him to create the David Ellison Charitable Trust in blessing for his recovery from a stroke in 1995. Throughout David’s retirement, the Trust was the main focus of his life.

“We must promote peace by having fellowship with all people, of all countries and creeds”

- David Ellison

Purpose of the Trust

To pay and apply the income of the Trust fund for such charitable purposes in New Zealand or other Charitable causes worldwide through New Zealand charitable organisations in such manner and in such shares as the Members of the Advisory Board shall from time to time by resolution direct or appoint.

Mission Statement

To promote and advance charitable purposes in New Zealand, and to support other charitable causes worldwide through New Zealand charitable organisations with a primary focus on Christchurch/Canterbury region.  Applications of up to a maximum grant of $5,000 will be considered.

To assist New Zealand charitable organisations to build strong, inclusive and supportive communities with a Christian focus, that:

  • maintain and improve children’s health, education and well-being both in New Zealand and overseas
  • work to provide preventative education and support and improve the quality of life for at risk families within New Zealand
  • maintain and improve the quality of life and health aid for families and poverty stricken communities
  • through New Zealand charitable organisations - provide disaster relief and aid in crisis situations.

Through thoughtful and targeted grant making that either compliments other funding sources or, targets projects where alternative sources of funding are not available.

Grants will focus on supporting organisations and projects that address specific issues and needs relative to the Trust’s Mission Statement.

Grant Rounds

Contestable Grant Applications 2019

The trust will continue to invite applicants for contestable grants to a maximum limit of $5,000. This grant round will open beginning March 2019, closing end of April 2019.

Special Project Grant 2018

Registered Charitable organisations that are based in Christchurch or supporting services in Christchurch are invited to apply.

  • Stage 1: Expression of Interest.
    Opens 3 September 2018 and closes 31 October 2018. Apply here.
  • Stage 2: Full application.
    Successful expressions of Interest will be invited to submit a full application. Opens 1 April 2019 and closes 30 April 2019.

How to apply

All open grant applications are accessible here.