Find a grant or scholarship

How do I find grants or scholarships?

You can review details of some of the trusts that Public Trust administers to see if you or your organisation may be eligible for a scholarship or grant.

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Each trust has specific application criteria and processes, and you need to be sure that you meet these criteria before you apply.

You can look at Trusts by sector, i.e. the type of activity the trust aims to fund; or look at Trusts by region.

What are Charitable Trusts?

Charitable trusts are set up for the purpose of distributing money, as either...

  • grants, to charitable causes or organisations, or
  • scholarships, to individuals.

Some trusts are set up with defined beneficiaries; while others are open to receiving applications for financial support from the community. Individuals or organisations who meet the trust's criteria may apply for scholarships or grants.

Trusts may have a regional focus and only make grants to charitable or community organisations operating within a specific regional area, while others cover all of New Zealand.

Collectively, Charitable Trusts allow many people to live better lives, enhance their skills, or enjoy improved community facilities.

What do we do?

Public Trust administers more than 400 charitable trusts with interests as diverse as science, education, medicine, disability and agriculture. We distribute funds on behalf of these Trusts to groups and individuals.

The rules about who can benefit from a Trust and its regional focus are decided by the person(s) who sets up the Trust, and are outlined in the Trust Deed. Public Trust administers the Trust according to the Trust Deed.

Public Trust can also help you to set up a Charitable Trust - see Charitable Trusts to find out details.

Like to know more?

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