Criteria Simple Will

Are you eligible?

2. Is your weekly household income before tax, greater or larger than

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Am I Eligible?

You may be eligible for a Simple Will

These Wills are not suitable for everyone - in some circumstances you may need legal or professional advice. Answer these questions to find out what's best for you. For any of the following situations you will need expert legal and professional advice for your Will.

Do you...

  • or your partner have a child from a previous relationship
  • have a child that has died leaving children (your grandchildren)
  • wish to leave specific items to named individuals
  • have beneficiaries that are not family members
  • intend to marry in the near future
  • intend to separate or are you already separated but not yet divorced
  • intend to exclude any family members
  • intend to divide your assets unequally among your beneficiaries
  • have beneficiaries with special needs (such as a condition or mental disability that means they cannot manage their own affairs)
  • own any assets overseas
  • own or part own a business
  • have a family trust
  • require advice about how to leave your estate
  • intend to specify an organ donor instruction in your Will
  • intend to specify funeral instructions in your Will
  • have an agreement which contracts out of the Property (Relationships) Act.

3. Do any of these situations apply to you?

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