Your appointment

Depending on the reason for your appointment with us, there are different things you need to think about and bring.

All appointments

To work with you we need proof of your identity and proof of your address. Check what kinds of documents are acceptable on our identity page. During the application process we’ll also need to collect identification and proof of address from anyone who will have control over the product or who can act on your behalf (e.g. a signatory, co-trustee, partner, or company director).

Category A - any ONE of:

  • NZ Passport 
  • NZ Certificate of Identity 
  • NZ Firearms licence 
  • NZ Refugee Travel document 
  • Overseas Passport
  • UN or Government ID Card
  • Emergency Travel Document 

NB: Must contain name, date of birth, photograph and signature.

Category B - any ONE of:

  • NZ full Birth Certificate 
  • Certificate of NZ Citizenship 
  • Overseas Birth Certificate 
  • Overseas Citizenship Certificate 

and any ONE photo ID from: 

  • NZ Drivers Licence 
  • NZ Defence Photo ID 
  • NZ Police Photo ID 
  • NZ Super Gold Card 
  • NZ 18+ card 
  • International Driving Permit

Category C – NZ Drivers Licence (photo)

and any ONE of:

  • NZ Super Gold Card
  • NZ Defence Photo ID
  • NZ Police Photo ID
  • Community Services Card
  • NZ bank EFTPOS Card*
  • NZ bank Credit/Debit Card*
  • NZ bank Statement

*From a registered bank.

Cards must be embossed with name and contain a signature.

Personal Assist appointment

What to think about

Consider the kind of assistance you or your family require - such as paying your bills, looking after your bank accounts and investments, household duties, doing your tax returns.

Tax returns appointment

What to bring

In addition to the identification detailed above, please bring your Tax return appointment checklist

Where to go

Directions to your nearest Public Trust Customer Centre