Before your appointment

Please make sure all information is accurate. The information you complete is about you, and should not be completed on behalf of someone else. If someone else needs help to tell us their information for their will, please call us on 0800 371 471.

Our commitment to each other

What we will do:

  • Be transparent about fees. If your work takes longer to complete and/or you would like additional services, Public Trust will advise you of any additional fees and get your approval before the work is commenced.
  • Provide you with clear information and advice for services you choose, including preparing wills, enduring powers of attorney or trust deeds.

You understand:

  • You must provide accurate information
  • Public Trust fees must be paid at, on or before each consultation appointment
  • If, after receiving advice, you decide not to proceed, a cancellation fee is payable

By continuing, you confirm you have read and agree to the terms of engagement.