Leszek Lendnal: Client Services Manager, Corporate Trustee Services

Leszek has over 20 years’ experience in the funds management industry.

Before joining Public Trust, Leszek has worked at Booster, AMP, AXA and Tower primarily as a product manager of various types of managed investment schemes, including KiwiSaver schemes, superannuation schemes, other schemes (unit trusts and group investment funds), partnerships and Australian unit trusts. Given Leszek’s knowledge and experience in FMCA offers and product design from the manager’s perspective, he is able to provide additional guidance to our clients as required.

Leszek joined Public Trust in July 2018 and is a client services manager for a range of Wellington and South Island-based clients of Public Trust, including managed investment schemes, retirement villages and debt securities.

Leszek holds a Bachelor of Commerce and Administration and a Bachelor of Arts from Victoria University of Wellington.