Kirk Brennan: Business Administration Analyst Team Leader, Corporate Trustee Services

Kirk had previously worked for Public Trust between 1985 to 2001 and brings 16 years of trustee experience.

Kirk joined Corporate Trustee Services Auckland in February 2016. Before Public Trust, Kirk worked as a taxation officer with another trustee company and then progressed onto being an accounting administration manager for various other corporate organisations.

Kirk is responsible for Public Trust’s Business Administration Analyst Team in supervising the processing of KiwiSaver withdrawals, receipt of supervision reports, completion of securitisation transactions, providing key analytics to measure supervision activities undertaken at Corporate Trustee Services and various other administrative activities within the Business Administration Analyst team to support Corporate Trustee Services’ supervisory duties. Kirk was also part of management projects such as the implementation of Public Trust’s new IT system.

Kirk has completed Executor Trustee Institute (ETI courses) within the trustee industry.