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Notice of Extension of time to provide Statement of Intent and Statement of Performance Expectations

In accordance with the COVID-19 Response (Taxation and Other Regulatory Urgent Measures) Act 2020, Public Trust has received an extension to submit our draft 2020/24 Statement of Intent and 2020/21 Statement of Performance Expectations until 30 June 2020. This extension was granted because the COVID-19 pandemic has created significant uncertainties for Public Trust and it would not have been possible to present meaningful strategy and planning documents within the original timeframes.

Public Trust Statement of Intent

The Public Trust Statement of Intent sets out our objectives, strategies, contributions to Government outcomes and our expected performance.

Statement of Intent 2020-23

Statement of Intent 2016-20

Statement of Intent 2015-18

Statement of Intent 2014-16

Statement of Intent 2013-15

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Statement of Intent 2010-12

Public Trust Statement of Performance Expectations

The Statement of Performance Expectations contains details of our performance targets, the results we are seeking and sets out our financial forecast for the next financial year. It should be read in conjunction with our Statement of Intent.

Statement of Performance Expectations 2019-20

Statement of Performance Expectations 2018-19

Statement of Performance Expectations 2017-18

Statement of Performance Expectations 2016-17

Statement of Performance Expectations 2015-16

Public Trust Annual Report

The Public Trust Annual Report has been prepared to meet the requirements of Section 150 of the Crown Entities Act 2004. It covers activities for the year ended 30 June and measures achievements against the objectives in our Statement of Intent for that year.

The Interim Report (Unaudited) covers the six month period to 31 December.

Annual Report 2019

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Annual Report 2011

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