The Rightful Owners

The rightful Owners

Public Trust is trying to reunite 12 lost personal items with their rightful owners

We have found items that contain names, engravings or clues to who their past owners were and are setting out to find their current rightful owners.

The value of these items is not in their monetary value, but in the rich history and intriguing stories that lie behind them.

If you think you may know something about one of the items or to find out more, visit:

Make sure you choose the next owner for your special things by getting a Will

Your Will can be about more than just big ticket items like your house or investments. Often the most precious things are inexpensive.

Everyone has items like these tucked away. It’s important to remember that you have them, and if you want them to go to the people that will respect them, they should be included in your Will.

We can help make sure your treasures aren’t lost and go to the rightful owners you choose by specifying them in your Will.

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