Current market volatility: our advice to clients

General Notice
13 March, 2020

It’s well known that uncertainty around coronavirus COVID-19 is having an impact on financial markets around the world.

Public Trust wishes to assure its customers for whom we either manage investments or oversee them in a custodial capacity that we have established and robust processes in place to handle periods of market volatility such as this one.

Public Trust is a long-standing, experienced trustee organisation that has safeguarded the investments of New Zealanders for many decades. In short, we have been through markets such as this one before.

When investing a client’s funds, we consider their investment objectives, investment horizon and risk preferences. This gives us a specific profile of the client that determines the best investment strategy.

With this in mind, we do not recommend that our investment clients make any significant changes to their current investment strategy, despite the current situation with coronavirus COVID-19.

Contact: Ian Letham, Content & Communications Consultant

Phone: +64 22 070 0979