Alzheimers New Zealand partners with Crown Entity

Alzheimers New Zealand partners with Crown Entity

Alzheimers New Zealand and Public Trust, one of New Zealand’s largest trustee organisations, have today announced a three year partnership to support people affected by dementia.

The partnership will see Public Trust provide people with dementia and their families with a free half hour consultation where they’ll be able to access independent third party advice to help them protect and manage their family interests and assets. Public Trust will also be supporting Alzheimers New Zealand to produce six resource booklets. These will be distributed across the dementia sector including the 21 local Alzheimers organisations, and to Public Trust’s 26 customer centres.

Dementia is one of New Zealand’s most significant and growing health and social service challenges. 60,000 New Zealanders are estimated to have dementia today and that number is expected to rise to more than 150,000 by 2050 as the population continues to age, and for every one of those people there are family and friends also affected by the diagnosis.

“Dementia has a substantial impact on individual, families, communities, the health system and the economy.  Alzheimers New Zealand is delighted to be working alongside Public Trust to support people affected by dementia” says Alzheimers New Zealand Executive Director, Ms Catherine Hall.

Public Trust Chief Executive, Mr Bob Smith believes professional trustee companies have an important role to play in supporting people living with dementia and has seen similar successful partnerships overseas in Australia and Scotland.

“Working together with Alzheimers New Zealand helps us to better understand the particular issues faced by those with Alzheimers and their families. It’s an opportunity for us to listen, learn and act so we can provide our services to these customers in a more tailored way,” he says.

The announcement of the agreement between the two national organisations comes after World Alzheimer’s Month which was held in September to increase awareness about dementia and the impact it has on individuals, families and communities.

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