Claude McCarthy Fellowships granted to 23 doctoral students

Claude McCarthy Fellowships granted to 23 doctoral students

The 2011 Claude McCarthy Fellowship recipients have been announced by Public Trust and Universities New Zealand (NZ) - Te Pokai Tara this week with in excess of $93,000 granted to help further doctoral students' studies.

The Fellowship, funded by income from a bequest by the late Claude McCarthy, enables New Zealand graduates to undertake "original work or research in literature, science or medicine."

This year's winners will use the fellowships to travel overseas to present their research at conferences or to conduct further research towards the doctoral degree in which they are enrolled.

The doctoral students are undertaking a variety of research projects including:

  • Hidden meanings and social constructions of desire
  • Factors associated with driving in healthy older adults and those with cognitive impairment of the Alzheimer's type
  • Regulating for patient safety in primary care
  • Syria's Alawites and their politics.

Mark Cassidy, Senior Relationship Manager Public Trust, commented that this year's applications continued to show the considerable diversity of studies being undertaken in New Zealand. "Each year we are impressed by the variety of topics and exceptional dedication shown by the applicants to their chosen fields. With the help of Mr McCarthy's generosity, it is a pleasure to be able to assist them to further their studies and benefit from the opportunity to engage in international forums."

The Claude McCarthy Fellowship was established by Mr McCarthy following his death in 1978. The trust is managed by Public Trust with the Fellowship selection carried out by Universities NZ.

"In our role as trustee we work to ensure a sustainable and consistent level of distributions over time," said Mr Cassidy. "Our prudent management of the return on the portfolio ensures this is possible, and enables us to maintain equity between present and future generations who may benefit from the Fellowship.

"The studies and research the doctoral students are undertaking are of benefit to all New Zealanders as they help us gain a better understanding of the world we live in. Both Public Trust and Universities NZ wish the Fellowship recipients well in their chosen areas of research and look forward to following their progress," he concluded.

Claude McCarthy Fellowship winners 2011

  • Matthew Barrett, Auckland, A BOLD Idea: Biophysical modelling of blood oxygen level dependent functional MRI

  • Cindy Lee Zeiher, Canterbury, Hidden Meanings and Social Constructions of Desire

  • Petra Ann Hoggarth, Canterbury, Factors associated with driving in healthy older adults and those with cognitive impairment of the Alzheimer's type

  • Heesang Shin, Massey, UV-IR-Visible Spectrum Imaging

  • Matthew Barnes, Massey, The effects of acute alcohol consumption on recovery and performance

  • Jantana Suntudprom, Massey, Optimisation of postharvest and processing variability for producing fruit puree products

  • Cameron Craigie, Massey, The application of non-destructive technologies such as Video Image Analysis and Near Infrared Spectroscopy to evaluate Carcass and eating quality in beef, sheep and deer.

  • Palash Biswas, Massey, Intermittent warming and possible mechanisms to reduce chilling injury in tomatoes

  • Emily Crawford, Otago, Is a picture worth 1000 words? The psychological use of children's drawings

  • Matthew Cowan, Otago, Inclusion and activation of secondary assembly instructions in functional molecules

  • Jessica Morten, Otago, Factors influencing performance on photographic line-ups across the lifespan.

  • Katharine Wallis, Otago, Regulating for patient safety in primary care

  • Henry Pharo, Otago, Developmental differences in the effects of ostracism: a focus on adolescent behaviour

  • Leon Goldsmith, Otago, Syria's Alawites and their politics

  • Jun Niimi-Otago, Cross-modal sensory interactions

  • Chris Perkins, Otago, The role of self awareness on children's socio-cognitive development.

  • Niki Osborne, Otago, Contextual influences in the interpretation of forensic evidence

  • Emmet McElhatton, Victoria, A hermeneutic inquiry into the role of professional reading in the education of military leaders

  • Ashna Khan, Victoria, Mycobacterium tuberculosis - Hijacker of the immune system

  • Emma Littlejohn, Waikato, Multi-domain PhoH2 from Mycobacterium tuberculosis

  • Celia Kueh, Waikato, Modelling elastic and creep buckling behaviours of corrugated paperboard structures

  • Joanna  McKenzie, Waikato, The role of VapBC proteins in mycobacteria

  • Michael  Pingram, Waikato, Food webs in the lower Waikato river and the role of hydrogeomorphic complexity.

Notes to editors:

The Claude McCarthy Fellowship history: Claude McCarthy was born in Horoata (near Christchurch) in 1888. He attended Christchurch Boys' High School and graduated with a BA form Canterbury University in 1913, following which his teaching career was interrupted by his WW1 service. On returning from war action, he graduated with a MA in 1919 and travelled to the USA where he lived for 25 years. He retired to Jersey in the Channel Islands and died in 1978 in Spain. Mr McCarthy established a Fellowship fund which is managed by Public Trust with the Fellowship selection carried out by Universities NZ.

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