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Every parent needs to know about guardianship

14 May 2021

Naming a guardian in your Will can make a difference to your children's future - have you chosen a guardian for your kids?

What does it mean to build a legacy

14 May 2021

Creating a legacy is the most important thing you can do for your family - writing a Will is about more than protecting money or assets.

What to say or do when someone you know loses a loved one

16 April 2021

If you don't feel like "sorry for your loss" quite covers it - we've got a list of suggestions for things you can say or do when someone you know loses a loved one.

You've been selected as an attorney for an EPA: what you need to know

10 March 2021

Enduring Powers of attorney (EPAs) are legal documents that appoint someone to make important decisions on behalf of someone else. Find out what you need to know about the different types of attorney, the responsibilities and considerations.

Why you need a Statement of Wishes

12 February 2021

Your Statement of Wishes is an important document that is not legally binding, but can accompany your will as guidance to your executor.

The Trust Act is changing. What you need to know and how to be prepared.

4 February 2021

On 30 January, the Trusts Act 2019 that was passed on 30 July 2019, replaced the Trustee Act 1956.

How a trust is managed has changed significantly and it’s important that you understand the key changes, whether you are a trustee, settlor or beneficiary.

When to update your will

22 January 2021

When preparing for the expected or, the unexpected, it's important to keep your will valid and updated to ensure your loved ones have a smooth process when carrying out your wishes after you're gone.

Here are some key things to keep in mind to make sure you always have an up-to-date will.

Public Trust Glossary

8 January, 2021

When dealing with estate planning, you will be introduced to a range of new vocabulary.

Get familiar with some common terms used in estate planning with our quick reference glossary.

Probate explained: What it is, how to apply and how we can help.

10 December, 2020

Probate is a necessary part of the estate administration process that involves an application to the High Court for the will to be recognised and approved legally. This can take time and work from the executor . It can be a tricky task but you don’t have to go through it alone.

Gifting and bequests explained. How to think about leaving a lasting legacy.

4 December, 2020

What is a bequest, and what to think about when considering gifting one in your will.

The Privacy Act is changing. What it means for you

5 November, 2020

Changes are on the horizon, we take a look at what it means for all of us when the new Privacy Act comes into affect.

What an executor of your will does

Wills Week, 2020

While it’s important to choose someone you trust to be the executor of your estate, it can be helpful to have someone on board with expertise to remove some or all of the administrative burden from those closest to you.

What’s stopping you from making a will?

Wills Week, 2020

Every adult needs a will, so why don’t we all have one? We unpack 3 common myths stopping Kiwis from getting a will.

Financial elder abuse - know the signs

Money Week, 2020

While financial abuse can happen to anyone, it is a particular problem for our older generation.

Choosing an attorney for your EPA 

Money Week, 2020

Things to think about when choosing an attorney for your EPA and why they are so important.

What to do when your loved one is diagnosed with dementia

Money Week, 2020

Learning that your loved one has dementia is life changing. Whilst the changes brought by the illness happen gradually, it's important to plan for the future so that you and your loved one can enjoy the 'now'.

EPAs 101 

Money Week, 2020

What is an EPA? How does one protect me? We break it down for you.

5 things to think about before making a will

Money Week, 2020

It seems that many Kiwis don’t think that they need a will and assume that their assets will automatically go to those closest to them if something happens. But it’s a bit more complicated than that.

Leading with kindness in a crisis
24 June, 2020

Our GM People and Culture reflects on how leaning into our ‘culture of care’ helped us navigate Covid-19 as an essential service organisation – and regain momentum.

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Public Trust CEO talks wills to Seven Sharp
9 June, 2020

The spotlight was on wills – or the lack thereof amongst Kiwis – on TVNZ’s current affairs show Seven Sharp recently.

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Top 5 tips for creating a will
5 June, 2020

Demystifying wills – our Trustees share their top 5 tips for creating a will.

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